Green Pedestals

Green Pedestals is a piece of furniture for greenery and vegetation designed by Front. Green Pedestals is part of Offecct’s O2asis project which is an assortment of design products, that combined with vegetation enhances and adds value to the work environment, specifically through a conscious use of greenery and an improved air quality. O2asis also offers possibilities to architects who are interested in adding green elements into their projects. Green Pedestals enhances the plants with its elegant legs and can be used as a room element that for example functions as a room divider or creates a sort of an oasis. Some variants have dimensions that fit perfectly at the side of a desk, other fits in height next to a seat or a window. It is possible to add a seat or a table top to the round model, and by placing them in a row or in a group they form a sort of a bench that is surrounded by greenery.
“We were inspired by traditional pedestals. We think that the pedestal is a fantastic piece of furniture that needs a revival. With slim legs that are slightly irregular Green Pedestals receives a kind of a personality”, says Sofia Lagerkvist, Front.

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