Lano 300 Sit & Stand

Contemporary offices are governed by the rules of mobility and should adapt quickly to the everchanging needs. Comfort and health of the employees should definitely be one of the top priorities. That is why we need to pay attention to the position in which employees performs their tasks.
Lano standing desks fit perfectly into this trend. They help to develop new habits that have positive impact on health, efficiency and wellbeing.
Lano 300 F is a desk with electric height adjustment. The characteristic feature of this desk is the lack of a horizontal foot – the construction is only supported by vertical columns, that gives it a subtle and elegant look.
It is also a fully functional desk because that allows plan your working time either in a standing or sitting position.
The Lano 300 collection is equipped with Soft Start&Stop function for smooth operation, as well as precise anti-collision sensor.
Lano 300 F desk can be equipped with optional PREMIUM control panel that serves as “fit assistant” when using the desk. This intelligent addition will remind you when it’s time to get up, tell you how much calories you have already burnt and remember your favourite height settings. All key features of Lano-E 300 desks with PREMIUM panel can be managed from the convenience of your PC, MAC, tablet or smartphone.
Lano-E 300 F is only available as a team desk and can be equipped with optional common cable channel.
Wide variety of accessories allows to customise the furniture to match the character of work.



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